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Prospect of Marriages Lasting into the Golden Years Not Panning Out

Later-in-life Divorces on the Rise An increasing number of divorces occur for those aged 50 and over in the United States. The cause for the growing number of older, married couples severing ties varies. Some reasons include: people now live … Continue reading

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A Few Basic Mistakes to Avoid When Pursuing a Texas Divorce

There are a number of crucial mistakes that can seriously derail your divorce and impact every aspect of your life following the dissolution of your marriage.  Although you are not required to retain an attorney to proceed through the divorce … Continue reading

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How Your Child’s School Performance May Impact Your Texas Child Custody Dispute

It is always easier on all parties if a child custody dispute can be settled amicably but I know that that is sometimes an unrealistic goal.  Child custody disputes in Texas can be bitter and contentious after all, you are … Continue reading

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How do I calculate how much child support I am to receive…or how much must I pay?

Child support is ordered to ensure that children receive financial support.  Both parents are obligated to support their children- even if they are not living together.  “Well, how much?” –you may ask!  The Texas Family Code establishes “guideline” child support … Continue reading

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“I want to get a divorce…what do I need to know first?”

Jurisdiction and Venue:  many people do not realize that in order for a Texas court to have jurisdiction and venue over a case the person filing must have been domiciled in Texas for a minimum of six months prior to … Continue reading

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